Business Solutions Overview

We offer business enhancement solutions that can be customized to serve the interests of the SME segment as well as large enterprises, from diverse industries.

We understand the factors influencing businesses, their markets and diverse needs. This helps us assist our customers by identifying the right solution and implement it in the best possible way.

Corporate Websites
We assist corporates to interact with their customers, keep the stakeholders updated and augment their brand identity on the web.

CRM Software Solutions
From small enterprises to multinational corporations, any business that maintains regular interaction with customers benefit from a well organized CRM system. CRM is short for customer relationship management, the industry term for the set of methodologies and tools that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way.

Financial Softwares
Calculus has developed and markets Financial accounting software and Payroll accounting software that helps you to run your business, smoothly and puts the key information right in front of you with minimal labour, so that you can do what you do best - your business..

Reporting Software
Reporting software is a free BI development platform for report developers to quickly and easily build interactive reports from most data sources. It offers crosstabs, drill-down and drill-through, charting, data grouping, sorting, paging, aggregation and other calculations, export functionality, and much more.

Project Management Software
Web-based software can surprisingly increase performance, productivity and efficiency within an organization. Since web-based applications can be accessed through any web browser, no desktop installation or updates are required. Web-based applications require to be installed on a server, which is most of the time hosted by the software developer. Moreover, certain providers even offer Intranet solutions, which can be installed on your own server.

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