Business Process and Integration

Calculus tailors the critical elements of a safety process to integrate seamlessly with a client's business process. In fact, the unique characteristics and requirements of a company's business process determine each element of the safety process. Our specialists function within the client's management team to learn about company processes and goals.
This information drives creation of the customized safety process that enables the business process. In each case, the goal is safety, not merely satisfying standards.

At Calculus, we liken the business process to an hourglass. During initial phases - such as concept and design - a company's fiscal commitment is limited, so ideas flow freely. As the business process continues, products are refined and the process narrows.
Production is increasingly difficult to stop because of the significant commitment of time and money. Once a product reaches tooling and production, the process is almost automated and control becomes difficult. At this point, products usually reach distribution where the company is virtually powerless to direct where its product goes, and a recall is the only option to minimize a safety hazard.
Therefore, Calculus institutes a safety process that encompasses a company's entire business process. This ensures products are designed for safety from the start and that safety is an integral part of the entire business process.

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